Process of dissolving ill-feelings

To let go is to release the images and emotions, the grudges and fears, the clinging and disappointments of the past that bind our spirit.  –  Jack Kornfield

We all get beaten up by life in one or the other way, this would cause a negative transition inside us. We would start having ill-feelings about past, people, situation and may be everything and to yourself. This ill-feeling may make us feel our life is worth-less and it is not worth going through.

I sense that, root of all misery is not desire, but the ill-feeling. I have experimented various ways to let go ill-feelings accumulated in my chest. I wanted to let go of many ill-feelings on various situations which life put me through. I was unsuccessful for a long time and currently, I have peace and acceptance in my heart. It is beautiful experience which we get once we let go of all our disappointments.


  • Accept the ill-feeling, do not try to fight it. Accept the reality. Live with it.
  •  Try to remind yourself of the things which you are grateful for. Be grateful for the small things which are very important. Recently, I suffered from my right hand muscle sprain. Once, I accepted the pain and started doing whatever is possible to overcome the pain, I started being grateful. I started to notice, how important is my right hand. I started seeing how much problem is faced by the people who have lost their right hand. I was enormously grateful for my life and my situations which has kept my body intact till date. For sometime, I even forgot the pain because of the overwhelming happiness and satisfaction which I felt being grateful for my life.
  • Do not try to remove ill-feeling, instead try to have a positive feeling of being grateful, enthusiasm to work on your favorite project, fulfillment of your personal and professional goals and relax into these feelings.
  • Physically loosen up your face, shoulders, chest and the entire body. If you have observed, you would be feeling tightness in parts of your body, if you have negative thoughts running in your head.

These simple powerful practices can change your direction and destiny for better life.

How I make decisions.

Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision. — Tony Robbins

It took a lot of time to distill, why I have made some choices in my life.

Like to share it, so that it might be helpful for you and also it’s a reminder for me about my choices in life.

External Filters –
1. Is it legal?
2. Is it going to bring you financial abundance?
3. Is it going to make you healthy?
4. Is it going to increase your knowledge, which could help you in near future?
5. Is it very much necessary for your relationship with family/friends/others?
6. Is it going to help someone you care about?

Internal Filters –
1. Is it going to enlighten me or liberate me?
2. Is it going to give me bliss?
3. Is it permanent?

I might be right or wrong answering these questions to myself, but I learn a lot through this process. When I make a wrong choice (or right choice), I understand myself and my world better.

Welcome life in all ways.

Shine like the whole universe is yours. – Rumi

It is very important look closely and observe life and stop making assumptions and meaning out of everything happens to our life. I am not saying that, every event will not have a hidden meaning attached to it but, I am saying that, the meaning you attach to the situation would be wrong most of the times. It is always better let life take it’s course and see what’s in the end, rather than worrying about the meaning of the event.

Stop looking for miracles in every possible situation. One of the biggest practices, I have learnt from life is not finding a miracle in it. We all tend to do it, it is because it gives us comfort, it gives us a sense that our life is distinct and things are happening in a wonderful way. But that would lead you to continuous disappointment.

How to make life simple and stress-free?

  • Work with involvement not attachment, when you involve yourself completely, you will put your full effort in whatever you do and letting go of attachment makes you careless about the outcome. If you do your best, you will get the best possible outcome. You can completely take out the result based thinking out of the equation. Your life becomes much much simpler. In every work/situation do what best you can do, that’s it. Do not worry so much.
  • Live this moment. This moment would never repeat, this is very special and very unique. It is very important you to notice and be in the moment and do what is best in the moment. You can still plan your future in the moment, you can still think about your past in the moment. But just be aware always that, you are in this moment. Not in the future nor in the past. You are just here, now.
  • Be Responsible. Being responsible means you decide your response and you can choose to response for all the events which are directly associated to you and the events which are not. You can choose to respond. Being responsible gives you enormous power which you never knew existed with in you.
  • Life ends. Whatever you do, your life ends one day. So just have it in your mind always that, there is an end to yourself and this gives you an awareness that you must do things which are really important to you and not spend your time on something which is not worthy for you.

I have de-complicated my life with these thoughts constantly running in my head. Keep this note close to you, read it and live it every day. If you can live it every moment of your life then a new perception will open up for you.

Unspoken Silence

What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be. – Anonymous


There are unspoken shattering things we carry inside us. It’s heavy. We want to throw it, but we cannot. We fight, we loose every single time to that. It’s so cruel and it will not hesitate to trick you to take away your present, your life.

Acceptance, is the greatest of all spiritual tests one can go through. Life will get shattered in many ways which you may not even think.

Life will throw you roses with thorns, you will never know whether to hold it with love for the flower or to throw it away because of the piercing  thorns. You will never know. In the midst of confusion you might choose to hold the flower with love while your hand bleeds from the cut.

Embrace the beauty of the Rose, breath the fragrance don’t just smell.

Let the pain of your bleeding hand just be an unspoken silence.



*This is an abstract post, you are free to derive any meaning out of it.

Mind and it’s nature

I am not the body, I am not even the mind ~(Isha Kriya)


One of the facts which was very difficult for me digest is this-

“Your mind is physical.”

It really took a toll on me to understand it and to know what it is.

Really it is physical.
It is like air, which is around you. You may tend to think it is non-physical but it is physical.

Mind is not even transcendental in nature, but the stillness which you become when you stop using your mind is transcendental in nature.

All these years of my life, I have wasted giving highest priority to my mind. So, life decided to teach me the right lesson and gave me tough one to really understand the nature of mind.

Long time ago I dis-associated myself from my body, it happened out of many incidences where I struggled to breath and somehow I knew, I am not this body continuously. But along the way, I associated myself to mind and the highest priorities went to intellect, emotion and gut.

Now, I am taking this huge leap to dis-associate myself from my mind, emotions and thoughts. For most of you reading this, it is going to be very difficult to digest what I am saying here. I can’t really explain how you feel when you drink water when you are really thirsty, you have to feel and know it yourself.

Dis-associating doesn’t mean, I stop using it.
It is simply like, you knowing you are not your car, you use your car but you know you are not that, when you drive your car, you almost become your car but you know you are not the car which you are driving, you and your car are different entities. So is you and your body, you and your mind. They are different entities.

I am not saying, I am atman, soul etc. I still do not know all that. I can just tell what I am not as of now. I cannot really tell what I am or who I am.

When we step into spiritual process, we tend to hit so called religious people(not all, I personally know many true ones) who are dangerous, because they do not really understand what they are doing and saying and they might not even have an ounce of experience of their real self, they still believe either God is Sleeping on a Snake or God sent his son to earth or god is telling the truth in holy book.

All religions are social hack, to keep people in harmony and to push them into spiritual path but most of it has turned into ego. Which I can clearly see. Religion is good when the underlying process and reason behind it is understood very well. It can be of great help in your spiritual process. Your religion is just another tool which you can use to grow spiritually but it not “The tool”

My spiritual journey started somewhere and I am here now and I don’t even know where I am going and what to expect or what not to expect next or ‘next’ is just an illusion and everything is just here now without the boundary of space and time.

Making Plans Work.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy

We all make plans and most of the time either we do not stick to it or plan fails and in any case the blame goes deep with in on ourselves. I use to do that and I do it now also but I know the hack when I want to make something work.

I follow this –

1. Make easy plan.

– We always tend to create plans which looks great on paper but we forget that great plans are really difficult to implement and yes we have to push ourselves for great plans once in a while but not every-time.

2. Stick to it.

– This is the most toughest part and most boring part. We feel like changing the plan when we are not able to stick to our plan and we tend to down-grade ourself when we fail at it. The problem is not with you, it is with your over estimation of yourself.

So here is a trick which has worked for me most of the times. I create very simple plans with this in mind.

“Give yourself half the task in double the time of what you initially thought of.”

It is the place you have to start with and slowly grow to be in the ideal place.

We often forget to learn ourselves, we still live in an assumption of our abilities. I put myself into acid tests to check how capable I am and what I can achieve. I fail many times but when something works I stick to it and I ride on the success and make things happen.

So, be with yourself, know yourself and plan for yourself.

Choices we make

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

~ Nelson Mandela

We all make choices. We think we made a good choice when things work out and when things don’t work out, we kick our-selves for making a bad one.All choices we make, good or bad, leads to only one destination. It’s Death.

Show me at least one person who altered his destination from the choices he made. No one. Whatever we do, one day we will just die. So, now the destination is set. We cannot change it, but still we worry about our choices. That is because of the quality of life we may lead until we die. Choose to live with hope, with positive thinking and let go of things which you cannot change.

By being positive, things won’t change. It will remain as it is – realistic, but it stops pulling you down from inside. It will help you stop worrying.Once you stop worrying, you can think little more clearly and your common sense will work better. It will help you to come out of any problem which you may be going through, right now.

The quality of your life depends on how you are inside yourself and very little on what you own. It depends very little on your surroundings or the people surrounding your life.

Let go of your ‘good choices’ and ‘bad choices’. Just choose. See what you get for what you choose. Learn from it.

Go slow. Take it easy. Try and fail. It’s alright, but be sure to win from inside.



Going goal-less

“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” ~ Lao Tzu

One of the most beautiful things which I did to myself this year is dropping all my goals, ambitions and plans. Dropping doesn’t mean I am going to be lazy. It just means that am going get involved in the moment, right now, fully without worrying or planning much about what I should be doing and what I should be aiming.

What I have understood by having goals and achieving them is this.

  1. While I am working towards a goal, I am anxious. I am worried about success and failures (even though I embrace failures). I still have to make contingency plans. If I do not have a plan B, I suffer more from anxiety. ‘Burn your escape boats’ – strategy did not work for long.
  2. If I reach my goal. I feel like, “It’s not this”. I feel like, “It doesn’t feel so great as I thought it would be”. All I do next is, write down another goal which is tougher and higher and start pushing myself everyday to reach that, which increases anxiety inturn.


So what if I just drop all my goals. Then the first question which hits my head is “What if I turn out to be a failure?” then I said to myself, wait a second. If you do what you are doing right now with full involvement and commitment, will you end up as a failure? Hell No! I would actually be successful in my career or whichever path I am in.

Going goal-less is helping me to declutter my life. I can easily remove distractions out of my day. I can simply ask what is that important thing which I have to do now and I just involve in it completely with joy. In the process, I have learned that every kind of work has joy in it when it is done well with complete involvement.

So many years have passed by having outrageous goals. Let me live goal-less for a year and see where I end up.

Any place is beautiful and full-filling, if we are there completely.