I am not the body, I am not even the mind ~(Isha Kriya)


One of the facts which was very difficult for me digest is this-

“Your mind is physical.”

It really took a toll on me to understand it and to know what it is.

Really it is physical.
It is like air, which is around you. You may tend to think it is non-physical but it is physical.

Mind is not even transcendental in nature, but the stillness which you become when you stop using your mind is transcendental in nature.

All these years of my life, I have wasted giving highest priority to my mind. So, life decided to teach me the right lesson and gave me tough one to really understand the nature of mind.

Long time ago I dis-associated myself from my body, it happened out of many incidences where I struggled to breath and somehow I knew, I am not this body continuously. But along the way, I associated myself to mind and the highest priorities went to intellect, emotion and gut.

Now, I am taking this huge leap to dis-associate myself from my mind, emotions and thoughts. For most of you reading this, it is going to be very difficult to digest what I am saying here. I can’t really explain how you feel when you drink water when you are really thirsty, you have to feel and know it yourself.

Dis-associating doesn’t mean, I stop using it.
It is simply like, you knowing you are not your car, you use your car but you know you are not that, when you drive your car, you almost become your car but you know you are not the car which you are driving, you and your car are different entities. So is you and your body, you and your mind. They are different entities.

I am not saying, I am atman, soul etc. I still do not know all that. I can just tell what I am not as of now. I cannot really tell what I am or who I am.

When we step into spiritual process, we tend to hit so called religious people(not all, I personally know many true ones) who are dangerous, because they do not really understand what they are doing and saying and they might not even have an ounce of experience of their real self, they still believe either God is Sleeping on a Snake or God sent his son to earth or god is telling the truth in holy book.

All religions are social hack, to keep people in harmony and to push them into spiritual path but most of it has turned into ego. Which I can clearly see. Religion is good when the underlying process and reason behind it is understood very well. It can be of great help in your spiritual process. Your religion is just another tool which you can use to grow spiritually but it not “The tool”

My spiritual journey started somewhere and I am here now and I don’t even know where I am going and what to expect or what not to expect next or ‘next’ is just an illusion and everything is just here now without the boundary of space and time.