Life is beautiful only when it is in balance – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

I was in an ashram for 8 days learning Hata Yoga, with limited use of gadgets and doing more than 8 hours of Yogasana, Meditation or Dyana. During this time, I was trying to extract something which could be life-changing for me, I was picking complicated stuff from whatever the teacher says and I was forcefully applying them to my life. I was clearly looking for a miraculous message to change my course of life for good and I was unable to get it.

The teachers taught all the basic Hata Yogasanas as perfectly as possible, the person who was doing the demo of all the asanas was so amazing and perfect. I was thinking, I could never get into those postures ever, so perfectly.

Whenever I try to bend more or try to be in the posture exactly, my back used to ache badly,  I many times felt like my whole body is like a stick which cannot be bent. I was trying so hard to get the complicated lessons, thinking that, it has my answers for life. But there was one suggestion which was given by the teacher in every step, ‘bend as much as possible and little more’, ‘stretch as much as possible and little more’, ‘stay in the posture as much as possible and little more’. I was continuously ignoring these lines but once suddenly, I felt it, all I can do is what is possible and the message just got into me so deeply. It was a deeper understanding of self.

I started applying this in every aspect of my life, If I am stuck with anything, I try to do as much as possible and little more. I started applying this at home, office and everywhere. This improved my life slowly and constantly and I see that I would never fall back, I always improve. Even if I fall back, I would do as much as possible to progress. That’s all!

For me, this message is so deep and I do not really know, how to share such deep things with the world yet. So, I share the message as much as possible and put my effort little more to make it worthy for the one reading it.