May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

~ Nelson Mandela

We all make choices. We think we made a good choice when things work out and when things don’t work out, we kick our-selves for making a bad one.All choices we make, good or bad, leads to only one destination. It’s Death.

Show me at least one person who altered his destination from the choices he made. No one. Whatever we do, one day we will just die. So, now the destination is set. We cannot change it, but still we worry about our choices. That is because of the quality of life we may lead until we die. Choose to live with hope, with positive thinking and let go of things which you cannot change.

By being positive, things won’t change. It will remain as it is – realistic, but it stops pulling you down from inside. It will help you stop worrying.Once you stop worrying, you can think little more clearly and your common sense will work better. It will help you to come out of any problem which you may be going through, right now.

The quality of your life depends on how you are inside yourself and very little on what you own. It depends very little on your surroundings or the people surrounding your life.

Let go of your ‘good choices’ and ‘bad choices’. Just choose. See what you get for what you choose. Learn from it.

Go slow. Take it easy. Try and fail. It’s alright, but be sure to win from inside.