Burst crackers inside your head rather than bursting it on the street.

On Diwali, please do not burst crackers and pollute the environment. You might be killing people with breathing problems. According to the latest report, there are 339 Million people suffering from Asthma and major population in India is suffering from it. Your fun of bursting crackers is really killing many people. I kindly request you to stop it.

Instead, if you practice, you may have a wonderful pleasure inside your head. Yogic techniques concentrate on activating the Pineal Gland, which is located at the center of your head, known to have many benefits. This is mostly referred to as third eye or the Ajna chakra in Hindu tradition.

This is the gland which helps one to maintain peace, mental stability, and happiness. It can greatly enhance your clarity, intuition, empathy, focus, and decisiveness.

So here are a few tips for you to enhance your experience.

  1. Gazing Sunrise and Sunset – This is a well-known fact that enjoying sunrise and sunset greatly enhances your mental stability and helps in keeping a balanced mental state. Elders always tell us not to sleep during Sunrise or Sunset and that is because of this reason (Most of them do not know it!). Just google it out, you will see a lot of papers published on this topic.
  2. Mediation – Meditate daily for few minutes, it is known to help in neuronal regeneration which in turn helps in being peaceful and many other benefits.
  3. Introspection –  An unbiased introspection of your thoughts, emotions and your body could lead to greater awareness about yourself.

The above-mentioned ones are like the foundation ones, this could help you unravel the mysteries of human life. Once you start on this journey, you would find more ways to go deeper. There are many paths to it which I am not sharing here because of it just too complex to write in a blog.

You could reach the stages of high which is experienced by LSD or DMT, without touching any substance ever, because the human body can generate it naturally when a man gets into the most pleasant state within himself. Once you reach this place you can go beyond physical and experience metaphysical. This experience is referred to as crackers inside the head.

I too have not experienced that far, but with the above-mentioned ones, I can clearly see that my mood gets lifted up and feel happy!

Your happiness is with you and not with something or somebody else.