Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision. — Tony Robbins

It took a lot of time to distill, why I have made some choices in my life.

Like to share it, so that it might be helpful for you and also it’s a reminder for me about my choices in life.

External Filters –
1. Is it legal?
2. Is it going to bring you financial abundance?
3. Is it going to make you healthy?
4. Is it going to increase your knowledge, which could help you in near future?
5. Is it very much necessary for your relationship with family/friends/others?
6. Is it going to help someone you care about?

Internal Filters –
1. Is it going to enlighten me or liberate me?
2. Is it going to give me bliss?
3. Is it permanent?

I might be right or wrong answering these questions to myself, but I learn a lot through this process. When I make a wrong choice (or right choice), I understand myself and my world better.