Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.  ~  Francis of Assisi

Motivation is one of the major ingredient in a successful person’s life. A strong motivation helps one to reach the goal quickly and also can help one to pass through all the troubles. Most of the successful people spend their mornings by repeating their motivational messages or listening to it etc. It keeps one going like rocket.

I use to listen to many motivation talks everyday which included my favorites Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Steve Jobs(Commencement Speech), Nike’s Rise & Shine and the list goes on. But, sometime last year I totally lost all my motivation when I saw the reality that, one of my major goal which I worked for from 2006-07 to reach before 2019 is not going to be realized. I have spent many years working so much and I am nowhere close to where I was supposed to be.

This led to lack of enthusiasm and motivation. I tried to motivate myself, but I was stuck. None of the motivation speech pumped me up and no one inspired me and Vitamin B12 deficiency made this condition even more worse. I did not figure a way out of it for a long time. I tried my best to work as much as possible and finish my assignments but I grew dis-interested with the whole world around me and there was nothing which was fulfilling me or motivating me.

I read about the psychological aspects of motivation. One major thing I got was, motivation and willpower are like fuel, they exhaust over time. It was very true in my case.

After a long time of struggle, I discovered this mantra of ‘Just doing what is needed’ and nothing more. Even if I don’t feel like doing a task, if it is necessary, I will just do it without being attached to it. This gets some tasks done(somehow), I made this everyday thing, at home, at work and at my side projects. I just do what is needed.

This was something like a therapy for me. Since I start my necessary work and finish them, I started getting a sense of moving forward with my life. After some months, I achieved a state where I am detached from the outcome of the work and just finish the work with little more effort on quality. And things turned out wonderful. Then now, I can detach myself from the work’s outcome but be involved with what I am doing to certain extent. Achieving this state of mind is wonderful for me.

Now, I don’t need motivation or willpower to do what is necessary. I can just start my day and finish doing what is needed to be done. This led me to a state where, I lose myself during these times. I mean, the sense of me is not there when I am doing what is needed. I just do it.

I no more need motivation to do anything, If the task is needed, I just do it. If something is not necessary but I see that I want to do it, I will do what is possible and I have seen it turning out to be something wonderful and satisfactory.

So for me, it’s achieving the state of monk mind for work! There is no attachment nor hatred towards it.

If you are facing my situations with motivation, try this approach. It will make you feel so grounded and gives you a sense of satisfaction and even sometime, finishing a small task motivates you to go and get what you want.

Try it!