“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy

We all make plans and most of the time either we do not stick to it or plan fails and in any case the blame goes deep with in on ourselves. I use to do that and I do it now also but I know the hack when I want to make something work.

I follow this –

1. Make easy plan.

– We always tend to create plans which looks great on paper but we forget that great plans are really difficult to implement and yes we have to push ourselves for great plans once in a while but not every-time.

2. Stick to it.

– This is the most toughest part and most boring part. We feel like changing the plan when we are not able to stick to our plan and we tend to down-grade ourself when we fail at it. The problem is not with you, it is with your over estimation of yourself.

So here is a trick which has worked for me most of the times. I create very simple plans with this in mind.

“Give yourself half the task in double the time of what you initially thought of.”

It is the place you have to start with and slowly grow to be in the ideal place.

We often forget to learn ourselves, we still live in an assumption of our abilities. I put myself into acid tests to check how capable I am and what I can achieve. I fail many times but when something works I stick to it and I ride on the success and make things happen.

So, be with yourself, know yourself and plan for yourself.