Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self. – Nathan W. Morris

Planning your finances is the way to achieve financial freedom. If you are financially free, you have enormous freedom for your life and also the way you think about everything will not be in terms of money, or savings.

So, the very first quality you need to adopt is to live with only what is needed to run your life. There is a thin line between need and greed, if you do not imbibe the quality, you would soon cross the line.

In my case, I did not upgrade my lifestyle for about 7 years after I got my first job, because what I had was always enough, anything more never had my time. I upgraded the house I live and bought a car and a few other items only once I got married because I felt them as very necessary.  I could have bought a luxury car, but instead, I bought a hatchback which was good enough for us.

When you actually do not upgrade your lifestyle (increase expenses), but you upgrade your career, then you start becoming financially free.

Start the habit of saving early in your career, otherwise you might never learn it. Start small, increase your savings and make conscious decisions while buying anything. Just ask yourself the question, is it necessary now? why do I need it? how it will help me? Then give yourself a day before buying it. You will just be amazed to see, how many unnecessary things you plan to buy which is not much useful actually!