To let go is to release the images and emotions, the grudges and fears, the clinging and disappointments of the past that bind our spirit.  –  Jack Kornfield

We all get beaten up by life in one or the other way, this would cause a negative transition inside us. We would start having ill-feelings about past, people, situation and may be everything and to yourself. This ill-feeling may make us feel our life is worth-less and it is not worth going through.

I sense that, root of all misery is not desire, but the ill-feeling. I have experimented various ways to let go ill-feelings accumulated in my chest. I wanted to let go of many ill-feelings on various situations which life put me through. I was unsuccessful for a long time and currently, I have peace and acceptance in my heart. It is beautiful experience which we get once we let go of all our disappointments.


  • Accept the ill-feeling, do not try to fight it. Accept the reality. Live with it.
  •  Try to remind yourself of the things which you are grateful for. Be grateful for the small things which are very important. Recently, I suffered from my right hand muscle sprain. Once, I accepted the pain and started doing whatever is possible to overcome the pain, I started being grateful. I started to notice, how important is my right hand. I started seeing how much problem is faced by the people who have lost their right hand. I was enormously grateful for my life and my situations which has kept my body intact till date. For sometime, I even forgot the pain because of the overwhelming happiness and satisfaction which I felt being grateful for my life.
  • Do not try to remove ill-feeling, instead try to have a positive feeling of being grateful, enthusiasm to work on your favorite project, fulfillment of your personal and professional goals and relax into these feelings.
  • Physically loosen up your face, shoulders, chest and the entire body. If you have observed, you would be feeling tightness in parts of your body, if you have negative thoughts running in your head.

These simple powerful practices can change your direction and destiny for better life.