What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be. – Anonymous


There are unspoken shattering things we carry inside us. It’s heavy. We want to throw it, but we cannot. We fight, we loose every single time to that. It’s so cruel and it will not hesitate to trick you to take away your present, your life.

Acceptance, is the greatest of all spiritual tests one can go through. Life will get shattered in many ways which you may not even think.

Life will throw you roses with thorns, you will never know whether to hold it with love for the flower or to throw it away because of the piercing  thorns. You will never know. In the midst of confusion you might choose to hold the flower with love while your hand bleeds from the cut.

Embrace the beauty of the Rose, breath the fragrance don’t just smell.

Let the pain of your bleeding hand just be an unspoken silence.



*This is an abstract post, you are free to derive any meaning out of it.