Keep the life’s purpose simple.

I packed my trekking bag, went to Varanasi(Kaashi or Banaras) alone just to meditate for a day during June,2015. Nothing magical happened don’t expect any fantasy story here! I stayed in Varanasi for 3 days and 2 nights. I roamed around, had time for myself. Meditated for one full day at the home of great master yogic Lahiri Mayasaya, which is now converted to a small temple.

One evening, I wanted to have some coffee so I looked for a coffee shop nearby and I hoped into it. There were 3 foreigners sitting. 1 from USA, 1 from Israel, 1 from Spain. I said ‘hi’ and jumped into conversation with them.

I simply asked Rafael (from Spain) what do you do?

Rafael: “I play Chess”

Me: (with a smile)“What job you do?”

Rafael: “I play Chess”.

Me: Oh!

Rafael: I teach as well! 🙂

Then Rafael said,

“My karma and dharma is playing chess.

It was a mind blowing line which I heard. He was so sure about his life. He just knew what he wants to do.
I played about 5 games one after the other and we talked bit about life and some spirituality.
I felt like, “I also should make my life so simple.”

After meeting Rafael, I also thought about my life and just want to put what I do in a line.

Rafael is visiting Varanasi from last 30 years and he spends months together sometimes in Varanasi. It’s like his hometown.

All day he plays chess with anyone and everyone. Many people know him and call him the Chess Player and he has the nickname “Chess Baba”.

It was really awesome to meet someone who is so much passionate about what he does.

This is one of the best lesson I learnt by looking and interacting with him.

“Keep life’s purpose simple”