We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit ~ Will Durant

You plan to exercise from tomorrow morning, then you plan your time very well but when the alarm clock rings the next day you feel like sleeping for 5 more minutes and a little more and by the time you wake up, it’s already late for your work or school. Has this happened to you with any of the changes you wanted to do in your life?

After losing out to your compulsions, you may start scolding yourself, you may punish yourself, you tell to yourself that you are no good, you cannot change anything in your life and then you get depressed and then you self-sabotage even more.

But, you know what? It is not your fault! It just the plan which is wrong! So, the first thing is to stop telling negative things about yourself to yourself. Stop it.

When nobody else supports you, at least make sure, you support yourself throughout your life.

Our willpower is like a muscle, it gets stronger when you use it more, so do not ask yourself to lift the heavy weight on day one. Start slow, make small incremental changes.

I am applying this principle now. I am a night owl by nature, I can work all night, I easily pull off all-nighters every other day! But now, I have set-up a goal to become ridiculous early raiser. I want to utilize Brahma Muhurta,  I use this time even now but I approach it while pulling all-nighters where I am already tired during this time period.

I looked at myself, analyzed my wakeup time and started with a ridiculously small goal to get up before 9 AM every single day even if it is Sunday and even if I have worked till 4 AM the day before, I just started with 9 AM for a week and started decreasing 30 mins every week, I am halfway through, maybe in the next 2 months, I would hit the target and I would completely make myself a morning person!

It is always these small continuous changes which add up at the end to make a huge difference. So it is very important to start with a small goal which could be accomplished and you would keep going until you make the change in your habit.

Make small positive changes in life which becomes a significant one over time and would take your life to the next level.