Shine like the whole universe is yours. – Rumi

It is very important look closely and observe life and stop making assumptions and meaning out of everything happens to our life. I am not saying that, every event will not have a hidden meaning attached to it but, I am saying that, the meaning you attach to the situation would be wrong most of the times. It is always better let life take it’s course and see what’s in the end, rather than worrying about the meaning of the event.

Stop looking for miracles in every possible situation. One of the biggest practices, I have learnt from life is not finding a miracle in it. We all tend to do it, it is because it gives us comfort, it gives us a sense that our life is distinct and things are happening in a wonderful way. But that would lead you to continuous disappointment.

How to make life simple and stress-free?

  • Work with involvement not attachment, when you involve yourself completely, you will put your full effort in whatever you do and letting go of attachment makes you careless about the outcome. If you do your best, you will get the best possible outcome. You can completely take out the result based thinking out of the equation. Your life becomes much much simpler. In every work/situation do what best you can do, that’s it. Do not worry so much.
  • Live this moment. This moment would never repeat, this is very special and very unique. It is very important you to notice and be in the moment and do what is best in the moment. You can still plan your future in the moment, you can still think about your past in the moment. But just be aware always that, you are in this moment. Not in the future nor in the past. You are just here, now.
  • Be Responsible. Being responsible means you decide your response and you can choose to response for all the events which are directly associated to you and the events which are not. You can choose to respond. Being responsible gives you enormous power which you never knew existed with in you.
  • Life ends. Whatever you do, your life ends one day. So just have it in your mind always that, there is an end to yourself and this gives you an awareness that you must do things which are really important to you and not spend your time on something which is not worthy for you.

I have de-complicated my life with these thoughts constantly running in my head. Keep this note close to you, read it and live it every day. If you can live it every moment of your life then a new perception will open up for you.